14 Jan 2016

ABS unveils the new generation of avalanche airbags: with its wireless partner activation, P.RIDE reduces a significant functional deficit

Heralding the dawn of a new era. With its new P.RIDE, the first product equipped with wireless partner activation as standard, the avalanche airbag market leader ABS is addressing a functional gap affecting avalanche airbags: studies show that 20 percent of airbags are not activated in an avalanche, mainly as a result of failure to pull the handle. The ABS P.RIDE is the first avalanche airbag to address this safety issue by actively helping prevent the user's own burial as well as that of his or her companions...

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08 Oct 2015

ABS emerges from the recall even stronger, ready for the new 2015/16 winter season

With winter just around the corner, the issues of mountain safety and avalanche risk are once again very topical concerns. The avalanche airbag specialist ABS, based in Gräfelfing near Munich, is feeling confident about the new season. The extensive steel cartridge recall campaign and related difficulties have now been overcome. Managing Director Peter Aschauer is positive about the future and apologises to customers for the inconvenience caused.

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11 Feb 2015

30 years of the ABS avalanche airbag: From niche product to recognized emergency equipment

What began with a Bavarian forest ranger's accidental discovery in the 1970s became an innovative but initially neglected niche product. Through decades of development work, practical experience and system optimization, the avalanche airbag has now established itself as an integral part of emergency equipment for freeriders and ski-tourers.

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10 Jan 2015

Avalanche accident Géraldine Fasnacht

As a freerider and wingsuit flyer, Géraldine is aware of the risks. But because it's her job, she knows how to deal with them in a suitably professionally manner. Géraldine is known for her extremely professional and meticulous planning, which often takes days or weeks. She had always managed to correctly assess the dangers and minimise residual risk – until April 2014, when she was surprised by a large avalanche and had no chance to escape ...

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19 Dec 2014

ABS recalls steel cartridges and ABS TwinBag Systems

Avalanche airbag manufacturer ABS is responding to a fault caused by a supplier with an immediate recall action: all European steel cartridges (black) currently in use with a filling date of before 3 December 2014 must be replaced. It is possible that, during the supplier’s filling process, machining residues could have entered the cartridge which would prevent the airbag system from functioning in future. All backpacks with ABS TwinBag systems (dual airbags) that have been activated with a steel cartridge are therefore to be returned to ABS for checking. ABS carbon cartridges and ABS Mono airbags are not affected.

27 Jan 2014

On top with Deuter and Vaude – the backpack specialists from southern Germany are relying on the ABS TwinBag system

From the winter of 2014/15, market leader ABS' tried-and-tested dual airbag system, that has already helped to prevent the burial of hundreds of people caught up in avalanches, will be integrated in four models from the backpack pioneer Deuter and two backpacks from the outdoor professional Vaude. Boosting the ranks of a list of "ABS Inside Partners" that reads like a 'Who's Who' of the industry: with Bergans, Dakine, Haglöfs, Ortovox, Salewa and The North Face already offering their own ABS backpacks this year.

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17 Jan 2014

ABS Product News 2014/15 – The ABS system becomes even slimmer and lighter

ABS is presenting its new products for the 2014/15 winter season at ISPO 2014. All Base Units with the integrated TwinBag system are now even flatter, slimmer and therefore lighter than ever before. Complete with carbon cartridge, activation handle and pack, the lightest ABS model weighs in at less than 2.4kg. The Zip-ons for the Vario and Powder lines have been completely revamped, revealing a new look with revised dimensions and smart division of compartments. More cooperations with well-known backpack manufacturers have also been announced: joining the ranks of existing partners, in 2014/15, the new "ABS Inside Partners" Deuter and Vaude will be installing the ABS system, tried and tested on hundreds of occasions, in their backpacks. Three new "ABS Compatible Partners" will also be widening the selection of packs.

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08 Oct 2013

A Dramatic Freeride Film Shoot: An Avalanche Takes a Starring Role

The 24-year old freeskier Aymar Navarro was in front of the camera for a film shoot in the Spanish Pyrenees at the beginning of the year. But instead of capturing fantastic deep powder images, the camera team witnessed a major avalanche. Professional freerider Aymar Navarro survived the disaster thanks to his avalanche airbag.

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01 Oct 2013

ABS Product News 2013/14: The Silver Edition is the new jewel in the crown for ABS avalanche airbags

For the winter season 2013/14, ABS will once again prove its innovation leadership. With the ABS Vario line SILVER EDITION, ABS is setting new standards; the proven product lines also score highly with optimized features, e.g. a new ski mount. New sizes and colors for the zip-ons, as well as increased cooperation with renowned backpack manufacturers, offer freeriders and ski tourers even more options.

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31 Jul 2013

ABS and The Mountain Lab to collaborate on Brand and Outreach in North America

The leading avalanche airbag manufacturer ABS and The Mountain Lab announced today a collaboration for the USA and Canada, whereby The Mountain Lab will with immediate effect be responsible for coordination of all brand management, consumer engagement and sales direction for ABS in the region. The North American market is one of the fastest growing markets for avalanche airbags. Its diversity and scale of terrain breed a variety of user profiles for avalanche airbags that is distinct and unique to the North American Market. ABS will continue to provide the logistical support and customer service from its offices and warehouse in Langley, Canada.

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