ABS® s.CAPE compact

s.CAPE – All in one: Airbag & climbing harness

"The most advanced gear for extreme conditions. Harness and airbags included"

Geraldine Fasnacht, Freeriderin, Wingsuit-pilot and three times extreme Verbier champion

The s.CAPE is the result of combining years of expertise in avalanche backpacks and the knowhow of a professional sportswoman - a functional life saver for freeriders, while ski touring and ski mountaineering.

In cooperation with the world-famous adventure sportswoman Géraldine Fasnacht, ABS® developed the new s.CAPE for the autumn/winter 19/20 season. It will be available in sports shops and online shops from the end of October 2019.

The professional freerider, passionate snowboarder and wingsuit pilot has already survived an avalanche accident herself thanks to an ABS® avalanche backpack - an experience that has strongly influenced her. With ABS® she developed the new s.CAPE and incorporated her experience from both sports: The highly durable material for the ZipOn (packing bag) is inspired by the wingsuit. The Roll top closure system - a roll closure known from water sports or bike messenger bags - is very functional and gives the backpack a minimalistic style.


The ABS® Base Unit contains the heart of the legendary ABS® backpacks: the airbag system. The s.CAPE Base Unit is smaller and even lighter than the well-known s.LIGHT series and convinces with numerous innovations for professionals and ambitious athletes. The highlight here is the SKYLOTEC® high tour harness, integrated for the first time in an avalanche backpack, which is suitable for rope, crevice and helicopter recoveries. Thanks to the horizontal snowboard mount, directly on the user’s back, and a ski mount, there is nothing to stand in the way of any further ascent. The shoulder straps are extremely comfortable and the fit is also suitable for smaller athletes, making the s.CAPE Base Unit an utter "must-have" for all freeride, ski touring and mountaineering enthusiasts. In grey-black, the new ABS® s.CAPE Unit fits perfectly to the ABS® s.CAPE ZipOn.

Roll Top Closure System

The two ZipOns of the ABS® s.CAPE have a packing volume of 10 to 14 or 30 to 34 litres. The volume can be varied by four litres according to requirements using the built-in roll top. Emergency equipment can nevertheless be quickly reached via a separate compartment. In addition, the Roll Top is an absolute eye-catcher and stylish. The two ZipOns available in Storm Black can be combined with all ABS® compact Base Units (p.RIDE compact, s.LIGHT compact, s.BIKE compact).

Horizontal Snowboard-Mount

The horizontal holder for the snowboard is a particularly interesting and useful innovation for mountaineers with snowboards. The horizontal position makes climbing easier as the board and the feet of the backpack carrier do not get in each other's way. In addition, the snowboard is positioned directly on the back for a comfortable weight and balance distribution.


With the TwinBag system, ABS® is the only manufacturer to ensure double safety with two completely independent airbags. Both airbags are filled independently with separate valves and hold the air independently - if one valve or airbag is damaged, a second one always remains. Avalanches do not only occur on gentle meadow slopes. On the contrary: obstacles such as stones, rocks, mountain pines and broken trees can be found in the crash lane. With just one airbag without separate chambers, a crack in the airbag shell is enough to completely lose the function of the entire system! ABS® has the most practical experience and therefore exclusively uses TwinBag technology with two independent airbags.