Avalanche accident in BC, Canada


Well our group went to Castlegar BC Canada and I was caught in an avalanche just sidehilling to get from one spot to another. The good news everything went good from there on we were spread out enough that I was the only one involved and I was wearing my abs pack that you recommended again I thank you. I was travelling across the hill when I saw snow cross my skis as soon as I looked to my left, about a 5' wall of snow hit me and rolled me off my sled.

I immediately grabbed for the abs handle as I could feel the snow up past the back of my neck, as soon as the bags deployed I was lifted to only waist deep snow as I rode the slab down, I was able to avoid a tree that I was being taken into by the snow, by kind of a bicycling motion that I may have not been able to do without the pack. I came to rest buried only up to my waist.“Fantastic Product” I could feel myself being lifted to the top of the snow after deploying the pack.


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