Brian Lundstedt



I ride the Rocky Mountains from the moment I fire up my sled I am in avalanche terrain. When I ride I make the best decisions available but there is still the risk present. I love to ride aggressively in the mountains, this presents areas that could be dangerous on every ride. We do our best but you can not argue that accidents can happen, I believe in stacking the odds in my favor and trust my life to my gear and to having practiced with it extensively. After seeing all the models on the market and wearing most of them, I prefer the fit of my ABS bag, it fits as an extension of my body and does not limit my movement in the backcountry.

Biggest Successes

Promoting avalanche safety and doing avalanche courses in Colorado and Wyoming
Working with the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education to develop a motorized user program


Snowmobiles, Dirt bikes, Hunting, Competitive shooting