Elyse Saugstad



On February 19th, 2011 I was caught in a massive avalanche in the backcountry accessed terrain off the backside of Stevens Pass Resort in Washington. I deployed my ABS Avalanche Airbag within the first few seconds of being caught in the slide and I account my partial burial and ultimate survival to the ABS backpack I wore that day. I will always be equipped with my ABS backpack as well as my transceiver, shovel, and probe whenever I ski in the backcountry or fresh powder terrain in and out of bounds at ski resorts. I do not use the backpack as a means to forego knowledge and proper protocol in the mountains but rather as another safety device if something were to go wrong.

Photo Credit: Cody Townsend

Biggest Successes

Freeride World Tour Champion 2008
'Female Line of the Year' Freeride World Tour 2009
Nominated 2010 & 2012 for Powder Video Awards' "Best Female Performance"
Voted Top 5 Female in Powder Magazine's Reader's Poll 2012


Surfing, Fishing, Mountain Biking, Crossword Puzzles

Date of Birth

Sep 16, 1978