Matthias Haunholder



So nice does untouched powder look, so nice is the feeling to ride in untouched powder. We as freeriders must always be aware that in our sport high risks exists. In the case of an avalanche, the ABS backpack is the best of all backpack inventions to ensure the freerider stays on the surface. I am confident of it!

Biggest Successes

1. FWT Tigens 09
2. FWQ Fieberbrunn 09
7. FWQ Sochi 09
1. Freeride World Qualifier - Tour 08
11. Freeride World Ranking 08
6. FWT Mammoth USA 08
3. Engandinsnow 08


Paragliding, Climbing, Slackline, Traveling

Date of Birth

Dec 28, 1979