Rudi Kröll



I'm riding since a long time and that is what I love to do. I started in the park and some time I discovered riding powder and since then I was hooked. The most important thing is to be and stay safe since I love to go out with my friends and enjoy a day in the powder. And I wanna do that as long as I can thats why I try to keep the risk low in my desicions on the mountain but if still something happens I wanna have a good equipment which helps me to stay on top to stay alive! The ABS is a system which can help and also helped me allready once to stay on top of an avalanche.

Biggest Successes

1st Nissan Outdoor Games 2009 (Chamonix,FRA)
1st Check the Ripper 2009 (Innsbruck,AUT)
2nd Grandvalira Total Fight 2008 (TTR 4star, Andorra)
2nd Wängl Tängl Gäng Jäm 2009 (Austria)
1st snowjam 2006 (3 star TTR,CZE)
1st Taco do Mundo Big Air 2004 (Portugal)
32nd TTR World Snowboard Tour 2008 Different Movie Productions (, Pirate Movie Productions, Ästhetiker)


Go shredding with my friends on a powder day

Soccer, canyoning, climbing, tennis, bbq, cliff diving, etc.

Date of Birth

Jul 03, 1980