Xavier de le Rue



I was caught in a huge avalanche in March 2008 and I definitely believe that it's only luck that allowed me to escape alive. Part of this luck was wearing my ABS avalanche airbag. Personally I always take the ABS avalanche airbag and transceiver with me when I go freeriding. This doesn't mean that I take more risks when it comes to decisions about mountains, but when something goes wrong, I want to be equipped as good as possible.I definitely believe that the abs back pack is going to become the mandatory tool to have to go freeriding, and I think that it brings an even bigger advance than the transceiver in terms of avalanche safety!

Biggest Successes

Winner of Freeride Snowboard World Tour 2008 und 2009
Winner Boarder Cross 2001, 2002, 2003, 2007


Climbing, surfing, to spend time with my daughter

Date of Birth

Jul 01, 1979