The first ride down deep-snow slopes often comes earlier than expected.

Fall is therefore a good time to check your avalanche emergency equipment and re-familiarize yourself with how to use the ABS system.

Start the winter safely

Using the ABS system is easy. To ensure that every move is correct in an emergency, we recommend that you perform a training activation every year. Take your ABS TwinBag to your local sports store. Your dealer will be happy to advise you. You can, of course, also perform a training activation at home or in the snow to test the system in as practical and hands-on a fashion as possible. Before doing so, read the ABS instructions (see Download section on the left). For a small fee, your dealer will replace the empty activation unit (cartridge and handle) with a full one.

Start the winter safely - practice! Practicing using your ABS system may one day save your life.

Here you will find an ABS dealer near you where you can have your winter check carried out and subsequently receive your new activation unit.