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Avalanche Accident in BC, Canada


"Well, our group was going to Castlegar (BC, Canada) and I got caught in an avalanche that was just going sideways to get from one place to another. The good news was that everything went well from then on. At that point we were spread out enough that only I was involved, and I was wearing my ABS® backpack that you guys recommended - thanks for that. I was skiing over the hill when I saw snow flowing over my skis, as I looked to my left I was hit by a 5 foot wall of snow, taking me with it.

I immediately grabbed the ABS® backpack as I could feel the snow on the back of my neck. As soon as the airbags deployed, I was pulled into the deep snow only up to my waist, and I was able to avoid a tree while being carried away by the avalanche. I came to rest buried only to my waist. "Fantastic product" I could feel myself being pulled upwards after the backpack was released."