Hello ski touring fans,

I'm Sarah and this year I'm trying to qualify for the Freeride World Tour via various qualifier contests. To prepare for this, I'm always on the lookout for ski tours that I can reach quickly and preferably in a climate-friendly way.
Today I want to tell you about my ski tour to the Kalkkögeln in the Axamer Lizum. This tour is really great for anyone who wants a wonderful mountain view and a varied ski tour near Innsbruck. (It can even be done by public transport)

We set off on a bright blue day. The avalanche danger was at level 2, and here and there was a little fresh snow of 2-3 cm with a hard crust underneath. Otherwise, the conditions were rather hard and bumpy.

The tour starts at the parking lot of the Axamer Lizum (ski area) and goes up about 1000 meters in altitude. We completed the 10 km route in around 3 hours.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I would rate the difficulty of the tour at around 3. The ascent begins on the piste and ends in a steep gully, where a good hairpin bend technique is an advantage. At the end of this section, we strapped our skis or snowboards to our rucksacks and trudged the rest of the way up.


Small incident 😉: As a snowboarder, I rarely have ski poles with me and therefore forgot to screw the plates onto the poles. Luckily, my friend was kind enough to swap poles with me so that we each had one pole with a plate and one without. It was a bit strange touring with two different poles, but still better than no poles at all!

I had my ABS A.LIGHT TOUR Easy.Tech backpack with the 25-30 L ZipOn with me. In addition to the usual safety equipment (first aid kit, shovel and probe), I would recommend taking crampons on this tour, especially for the hairpin bends at the end of the ascent (depending on conditions). Otherwise, you don't need any special equipment. Everything fit great in the 25-30 L ZipOn, and with the comfortable carrying system it felt like a normal ski backpack.

The view was amazing and definitely worth the effort. I can recommend the tour to anyone who wants a varied ski tour and appreciates the proximity to Innsbruck.

The Axamer Lizum also has many other options for ski tours and other adventures. There's something for everyone here!

I hope I was able to inspire you a little with my report and wish you lots of fun on your own ski tours!
Cheers, Sarah