Servus skiers and splitboarders,

this week I want to tell you about a brilliant splitboard tour to the Schöntalspitze in Sellrain. This tour is one of our season classics for me and my girlfriend. Despite the challenges of little snow and icy passages, this tour offered us an unforgettable experience again this year.

The avalanche warning level was low (level 1), but we had to contend with icy conditions, especially in the steep forest belt at the start of the tour, which required a certain amount of technique on the ascent. The old snow cover was stable, but the danger of slipping was present in the upper sections. We therefore had to make the ski depot earlier than expected and tackle the rest of the ascent on foot. In total, the tour covered around 1300 vertical meters and the ascent took around 3 hours.


The tour was rated 2 (out of 5). The steep forest belt at the beginning required some skill, but the rest of the route offered easy terrain. After the Skideopt, it was only slightly screey terrain to the summit. Despite the small amount of snow, Sellrain is one of the few places with a relatively high starting point. The descent offered fantastic, untracked slopes in extensive terrain. However, it was crucial to accurately assess the local conditions, especially for alternative routes. Due to the presence of ptarmigans, we had to follow the ascent track again in the forest belt, as signs indicated (please note).


Simple touring equipment consisting of a shovel, probe, avalanche transceiver and first aid kit was sufficient for the tour. No additional special equipment was required. Laura carried the A.RISE backpack, while I had the A.LIGHT TOUR Easy.Tech with the 25-30L Zip-On with me. For us, the extensive terrain and the small summit ascent at the end made the tour a real highlight. We recommend this tour to every touring skier and splitboarder with some experience who would like to go on a sunny tour in the morning.


The tour with my girlfriend was a wonderful experience that we both really enjoyed. It was a perfect combination of challenge and relaxation in nature that we will remember for a long time to come.

I hope I was able to whet your appetite. Maybe I'll see you next time.

Best regards

Your Jonny


More Information:

Name of the Tour Schöntalspitze, Sellrain
ABS Backpack Model A.LIGHT Easy.Tech and A.RISE
Weather and Snow Conditions Sunny, low avalanche risk, few danger spots, good old snow cover, risk of falling in icy passages. Skidepot just before the summit.
Hight meters
1,300 meters
Length of the Tour About 3 hours for the ascent
Difficulty (1-5) 2
Special Equipment Standard ski touring equipment (shovel, probe, first aid kit, avalanche transceiver)
Why was this tour chosen? Preferred tour due to low snowfall and high starting point, beautiful slopes, extensive terrain, untracked slopes with good assessment of conditions.
What to consider? Due to snow grouse presence, please stay in the forest belt and heed signs!
What makes the tour appealing? Sunny tour in the morning, extensive terrain, small summit ascent
Who would you recommend this tour to? Tourers and splitboarders with some experience who enjoy a sunny tour in the morning.