ATHLETES FAVORITES 3/5 - Lotta & Felix Wiemers

Hello dear ski touring fans,

today we want to tell you about our traditional end of winter season trip. For a few years now, our winters have always ended with an extensive sailing and ski touring trip in the Northern Norwegian fjords. Every year, we are greeted not only by breathtaking landscapes and a unique culture, but also by a unique combination of sailing and skiing - an unforgettable mix of adventure on the sea and in the snow.

Sail and summit


Our journey always begins at the end of March, when the days get longer and the sun slowly rises above the horizon. Then it's time to "get the ship ready" in Tromsø, where our 13.5-meter long Vilma awaits us. After the sailing ship has been made seaworthy, it's time for 6 weeks of ski tours with many friends and guests, each accompanying us for 6 days.

stormy sail


Equipped with our A.LIGHT TOUR 18L and 25-30L backpacks, plenty of sailing equipment, and provisions, we are ready for many small adventures. The weather in Northern Norway is known for its diversity, and so during our tours we experience everything from deep powder to firn and breakable crust. But the highlight is undoubtedly skiing down to the sea. The feeling of looking directly from a summit onto the dark blue water is simply indescribable. In the evenings, we sit together in our cozy bunk and review the day over delicious home-cooked food and a beer or two.

Polar Lights

We can recommend this trip to any experienced ski touring fan who is ready for an unforgettable adventure. The combination of sailing and skiing makes it a unique and intense experience that should not be missed.

Warm Skitour


So if you're interested in a new perspective on ski touring, feel free to visit our "Sail and Summit" website and get informed:

We look forward to everyone who wants to end their winter with us under the Northern Lights in Northern Norway.


Felix and Lotta


More info about the trip:

Name of the Trip Sail and Summit in Northern Norway
Which ABS backpack did we use? A.LIGHT TOUR with 18L ZipOn and the 25-30L ZipOn
Preferred Time

End of March to beginning of May

Altitude of the Tours

Max 1,000 m

Difficulty from 1-5


What to consider?

The weather in Northern Norway is very changeable, meaning one day you have powder, the next firn and breakable crust - everything is possible!

Special equipment needed? Safety equipment (First Aid Kit, Shovel, and Probe)
What makes the trip appealing?

The endless view of the sea. Starting and ending directly from the beach. And of course, the mix of sailing and ski touring.

Whom would I recommend this trip to?

We recommend the trip to every experienced ski tourer who is looking for an exclusive and intense adventure.

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