Hello dear powder enthusiasts,

My absolute powder highlight last season was a trip to Bakhmaro, a mountain village located in western Georgia, just 40 kilometers from the Black Sea. A village that until recently was completely deserted during the winter months. It was only in 2016 that the dedicated team from began to develop the area for winter tourism.

Especially in winter, there is above-average precipitation, and with a very high tree line, you can always find cool tree runs here, but the powder feeling is not limited to the forest. Above the tree line, there are vast open slopes and playful terrain for various lines.

We started our trip from Memmingen to Kutaisi, and from there we continued into the mountains. Upon arriving at the Pioneers of Bakhmaro Lodge, we could immediately convince ourselves of the delights of Georgian cuisine, and believe me, it was very, very delicious!

The next day, we continued beyond the forest boundary to Adjara, where we had our base at 2400m for the week. Through our cooperation with, we were taken to various spots by the cat during the week and guided superbly by Ingo. Most of the time, we used the cat for the first few meters of altitude as an ascent facilitation and then continued to climb with our touring equipment. This way, you had to earn the special lines, which aligns with my own freeride philosophy.

Good Vibes
This trip was certainly the highlight of my last season, and I can very well imagine returning to Georgia to explore more of this beautiful mountain landscape.

Victor Heim (IG @heim_victor)

Photos: Andreas Vigl (IG @andreas_vigl_photographer)


More information about the trip:

Trip name

Powder Trip to Gerogia, Bakhmaro

Which ABS backpack did I use?

For this trip, I had the A.LIGHT TOUR with the 18L ZipOn with me. Additionally I had the 25-30L ZipOn with me, because it is always good to have a little extra space in the backpack.

Preferred time:

Late February to March

Vertical meters of the tours:

We did small tours from the cat track. Max 400 vertical meters.

Difficulty from 1-5


What to consider?

You must be aware that you are far away from civilization here, and in case of possible rescue operations, it can take a long time for help to arrive.

Special Equipment Needed?

Safety equipment (Avalanche beacon, first aid kit, shovel, and probe). In addition to my snowboard, I also had my splitboard and touring equipment.

What makes the trip special?

I always find it exciting to discover new countries and cultures; the overall experience was just truly beautiful.

Who would I recommend this trip to?

I would recommend this trip to anyone who enjoys adventures but at the same time doesn't want to compromise on a bit of comfort. The lodges are very cool and well-equipped, leaving you wanting for nothing.

Other Insights

We have established a collaboration with the provider check out the website for all the information you need. Cool terrain, excellent guiding, and amazing food. ;)