EasyTech® & A.Light Go – ABS launches new release system and avalanche backpack for beginners

With EasyTech®, the inventor of the avalanche airbag is bringing a new mechanical release system onto the market for winter 2022-23. The A.Light Go avalanche backpack also complements the ABS offering for beginners. As the safest airbag system on the market, ABS continues to count on its unique TwinBag® with two independent airbags.

The ABS airbag backpack was a real sensation in 1985: the first system that could actively prevent burial in an avalanche. Since then, the avalanche backpack market has developed rapidly. With EasyTech®, ABS offers a release system specifically for everyone – including beginners and occasional freeriders. It scores with its ease of use. “With our new EasyTech® release system, we offer safety for everyone. We want to support all mountain athletes with our safety equipment so that they can responsibly pursue their passion away from the paved slopes, regardless of their budget. That’s why we offer an affordable price structure and long-lasting products,” says Dr. Stefan Mohr, CEO of ABS.

One of the big advantages of the new mechanical system is the problem-free and uncomplicated test initiation. In order to get a safe feeling in the event of an emergency, you can use the new EasyTech® to practice using the avalanche airbag and deploying it. After a test trigger, the system can simply be cocked again. Completely without tools. In addition, it is not necessary to replace the handle after each release, which saves costs and effort. At the same time, mechanical triggering scores points over electronic systems: it is more resistant to cold and moisture, does not need to be charged - there is no need to check or replace batteries - and it is more cost-effective to produce, which is also reflected in the costs for the end customer . After triggering in an emergency and inserting a new cartridge, the ABS mechanical system is immediately ready for use again without waiting.

The system produces ABS in Bavaria and also uses it in its backpacks to meet its highest quality standards. Each individual avalanche backpack is manually tested and checked to ensure the safety and functionality that ABS stands for.

The proven ABS TwinBag® technology

ABS continues to rely on two airbags to provide the greatest possible buoyancy in the event of an avalanche and thus the best possible protection for the wearer. The advantages of the two independent airbags are clear: at 7,240 cm², the ABS system has the largest contact area on the market. This brings possible buried victims into a more horizontal position and thus counteracts the anchoring effect. If one of the two robust airbags is damaged, the second will still remain fully functional. In addition, the center of gravity of the twin airbags is closer to the body's center of gravity, thereby providing a more stable position in the avalanche.

The new EasyTech® release system will be installed in all current and new models from the next winter season 2022-23. This is also the case in the new A.Light Go, the lightweight avalanche backpack for beginners that has been reduced to the essentials. The proven pyrotechnic trigger unit will continue to be offered on the expert model for touring enthusiasts – the A.Light Tour – beyond winter 2022-23.

Product details A.Light Go:
  • EasyTech® trigger system
  • ABS TwinBag®: unique airbag system with two independent airbags in a volume-optimized form
  • Ergonomic fit and padded shoulder straps
  • Chest strap with signal whistle
  • Preparation for hydration system
  • Leg strap for additional security
  • Slip pocket for emergency equipment
  • Parallel ski mount
  • RRP: €599