Snowshoe revolution: the A.bove

A snowshoe like it never existed: The inventor of the ABS avalanche airbag creates a real innovation - the first inflatable snowshoe A.bove from ABS. With this all-round talent, winter sports enthusiasts get their money's worth, whether for easy winter hikes or ambitious free tour climbs.

Get out into the mountains and actively enjoy nature. Especially last winter, more and more people discovered the joy of spending time in the fresh air and in untouched nature. Sports such as winter hiking and snowshoeing were very popular. Both activities are easy, relatively safe and don't require a lot of equipment. Not to be missed are snowshoes, real all-rounders for winter adventures according to the motto “enjoy your wild”. However, conventional aluminum or plastic models are usually heavy and bulky. ABS has recognized this problem and is revolutionizing winter sports with the innovative, inflatable snowshoe A.bove. Not only classic snowshoe hikers benefit from the small pack size and low weight, but also snowboarders and year-round hikers. For them, the A.bove is a real game changer.

For snowboarders: enjoyment in deep powder snow
Endless expanse and flawless fresh snow that sprays up into a cloud of powder - that's where the freerider's heart somersaults. In order to experience this, more and more snowboarders are taking on long and arduous climbs. Those who prefer to use their powder board rather than their splitboard often use bulky and heavy snowshoes, which then dangle unwieldy and annoyingly from their backpacks on the descent. ABS is now putting an end to that: with the A.bove inflatable snowshoes they bring the solution for deep snow junkies. Thanks to their minimal pack size - without air, the pair of snowshoes has a volume comparable to a 1-liter bottle - they can be quickly and easily stored in their compressible pack sack in your backpack, allowing you to enjoy undisturbed powder. At the same time, they are hardly significant on both the ascent and the descent. A pair only weighs around one kilogram. The crampons on the bottom provide a secure grip even on harder surfaces. In addition, thanks to the robust Cordura fabric, the snowshoe doesn't run out of air even on rockier terrain.

For autumn and spring hikers: summit experience despite snow fields
Winter jacket or sun hat? Trekking or snowshoes? Hiking in late autumn can bring back summer memories or give you a first taste of the coming winter. In spring it is often the other way around. Then the snow line stops hikers even at low altitudes and wonderful summit tours remain an unfulfilled dream. But not for those who have the new A.bove snowshoes from ABS in their backpack. In addition to a snack and a windbreaker, they can be cleverly stored in a backpack like a 1-liter bottle and, if necessary, quickly inflated with a small air pump. The new snowshoes can be easily attached to the sturdy hiking boots using tie straps. So nothing stands in the way of a year-round summit experience.

For snowshoeing: Large contact surface and small pack size
For hard-core winter hikers, snowshoes are the key to happiness. With them you immerse yourself in the peace and vastness of the untouched winter world and step by step leave everyday life behind you. They explore the deep snow-covered winter world on quiet soles - although often with somewhat heavy feet as they have to carry the weight of conventional snowshoes. Since these are often very bulky and there is no space at home to store them, many hikers have to rent the shoes before their tour. Spontaneous trips are so unthinkable. That's where the new A.bove from ABS comes in handy: They take up as little space on the shelf as a thermos bottle and, when inflated, with their large contact surface they offer good buoyancy, even in deep snow. Should the terrain become more impassable, icy or steep, the integrated crampons guarantee a secure hold.

Details A.BOVE:
  • Optimal ratio of small pack size, low weight and large contact surface
  • Rustproof crampons made of stainless steel integrated into the snowshoe
  • Inflatable within minutes with the included pump
  • Sizes: S/M (< EU 40), L/XL (> EU 41)
  • Weight: approx. 1kg per pair
  • Color: Dusk
  • RRP: €219.00

Tip: The A.bove is also available in a bundle with the A.long trekking poles. They can be adjusted in size and are universally applicable.

Details A.LONG:
  • Size adjustable: 105 – 140 cm with Powerlock 3.0 adjustment system
  • Weight approx. 239 g / stick
  • Color: Dusk
  • RRP (bundle with A.BOVE): €279.00