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Skitouring for Everybody

What will tomorrow's winter vacation look like? This is a question that everyone has probably asked themselves this season and many piste skiers have therefore bought ski touring sets due to the closed lifts or have switched to snowshoe hiking in order to still be able to do sports in the snow. These individual sports are not only booming off-piste, especially those who want to be on the move in the mountains with pleasure and above all safely as a beginner, start with ascending near the slopes and should pay attention to a few things.
Therefore, we have collected the most important tips on equipment, safety and technique for you.

How to make your first ski tour a success:

In addition to a solid physical fitness level, you will of course need suitable ski touring equipment, which you can now rent in many sports stores or local ski rentals. Here you will also find an overview of all the products you need for a ski tour. To be able to carry a change of clothes, snack and sufficient liquid, we recommend our A.CROSS as a beginner's touring backpack for sports in secured terrain. 


In addition, even for beginners emergency equipment is mandatory, ie shovel / probe and avalanche transceiver! The A.SSURE set can be easily stowed in the backpack without stealing extra storage space. However, it is not enough that you carry these things with you, you should also be able to handle them.
At the latest when you move from the secured slope to the open terrain, an avalanche course is our clear recommendation. From here it would also make sense to look for an additional avalanche backpack such as the A.LIGHT.
This can save you from burial with its 2 airbags in the event of an avalanche. What is no less important when touring are the following factors: Weather, avalanche situation, tour planning, etc. ... - if you are looking for an app that can do all this, check out the new A.WAY app, your future faithful and reliable companion on every tour.


No avalanche course possible? No problem, with A.PROOF you will learn everything you need to know about safety in the backcountry.

Last but not least, true to the motto "practice makes perfect", at the beginning you should rather choose tours on which you can also ski down again on groomed slopes. Gradually you can then approach more difficult descents in deep snow.

We wish you a good rest of the season with many powderdays,