From avalanche airbags to inflatable snowshoes – with ABS, adventures have no limits

With the new winter collection, ABS once again confirms its status as an innovative think tank and is revolutionizing winter sports for everyone.

Much more than avalanche airbags: In the spirit of “Protection In Adventure”, ABS is further expanding its strategy of being a holistic partner for responsible mountain adventures for winter 2021-22 and is expanding its portfolio with new, innovative concepts. From now on, the pioneer no longer only supports skiers and snowboarders on their adventures, for the first time passionate hikers can also enjoy: the inflatable snowshoe A.BOVE is revolutionizing winter sports. In addition, there will also be a particularly versatile backpack with an airbag system for the increasing number of ski tourers, which is tailored precisely to their needs with its ergonomic fit and the flexible ZipOn system. With the A.CROSS+, ABS is also bringing a minimalist all-season backpack onto the market. Further product updates and detailed improvements round off the new range.

  • BOVE: inflatable snowshoes with a minimal pack size
  • LIGHT TOUR: versatile backpack for ski tourers
  • CROSS+: multifunctional daypack with a clean design

A.BOVE: The snowshoe revolution

Especially in the Corona winter, more and more people felt the need to go out and do sports in nature covered in snow. Winter and snowshoe hiking in particular experienced a real boom. The only problem: Conventional aluminum or plastic snowshoes are usually very heavy and bulky. ABS has recognized this and is revolutionizing the sport with its innovative, inflatable A.BOVE snowshoes. The shoes score points with their well thought-out ratio of small pack size, low weight and large buoyancy surface. A pair only weighs about one kilogram and without air, the snowshoe is just as big as a 1 liter bottle. Practical in winter when you don't need the snowshoes on the hike and want to stow them in your backpack. At the same time, when inflated, the snowshoe offers a large contact surface and therefore good buoyancy, even in deep snow. The outer material is made of a light but extremely robust Cordura fabric. Inside there is a tube that can be inflated within a few minutes using both the supplied and standard bicycle air pumps. If the ground becomes more impassable, icy or steep, the crampons, which are integrated in the area under the balls of the feet and heels, guarantee a secure hold. The snowshoes can be easily attached to the winter shoes using tie straps. And you can get started.

The A.BOVE is also available in a bundle with the matching A.LONG trekking poles. These are adjustable in size and complete the package of snowshoes and poles. This means winter hikers can enjoy nature to the fullest on their tours through the deep snow.

Details A.BOVE:
  • Optimal ratio of small pack size, low weight and large contact surface
  • Rustproof crampons made of stainless steel integrated into the snowshoe
  • Inflatable within minutes with the included pump
  • Sizes: S/M (< EU 40), L/XL (> EU 41)
  • Weight: approx. 1kg per pair
  • Color: Dusk
  • RRP: €219.00

Details A.LONG:
  • Size adjustable: 105 – 140 cm with Powerlock 3.0 adjustment system
  • Weight approx. 239 g / stick
  • Color: Dusk
  • RRP (in a bundle with A.BOVE): €279.00

A.LIGHT TOUR: The most versatile ski touring backpack

After the A.LIGHT, which with detailed improvements to the chest strap and the RescUnit will remain in the range in the future as A.LIGHT FREE specifically for freeriders, ski tourers who go off-road now also get their money's worth: The A.LIGHT TOUR is the one The most versatile touring backpack with an avalanche airbag from ABS to date and is perfect for everyday use off-road. With its ergonomic fit, the backpack sits close to the body and distributes the weight comfortably without weighing you down or restricting freedom of movement. ABS has also equipped the base with a new ZipOn system to suit all outdoor adventures. The minimalist ZipOn with 25 - 30 liters is recommended for day tours, and for longer multi-day tours the ZipOn with 35 - 40 liters with additional storage space for provisions and equipment is recommended. Both ZipOns have a roll top for quick access and easy compression. Quickly at hand in an emergency: There is space for a shovel, probe and first aid kit in an integrated, easily accessible safety compartment. A flexible strap system also makes it easy to attach additional equipment such as a helmet, skis, ice axe, tent or sleeping bag. With its well-thought-out design, the A.LIGHT TOUR is extremely versatile and satisfies the various needs of ski tourers - from beginners who are making their first attempts off-piste to ambitious ski tourers who are looking for the challenge of technical terrain.

  • Ergonomic fit
  • Integrated safety compartment with quick access to shovel, probe and first aid kit
  • Flexible strap system for attaching additional equipment (e.g. jacket, helmet, skis, ice axe, tent or sleeping bag)
  • Chest strap with signal whistle
  • ZipOns with roll top for quick access and easy compression
  • Lengths: 455 mm (S/M) // 515 mm (L/XL)
  • Volume: 25-30L, 35-40L
  • Weight: Base S/M with ZipOn 25-30L: 2,300 g // Base S/M with ZipOn 35-40L: 2,400 g
  • Colors: Dusk, Slate
  • RRP: €679 (A.LIGHT TOUR INCL. 25-30L) // €699.00 (A.LIGHT TOUR INCL. 35-40L) 

A.CROSS+: Favorite backpack for every occasion

Last winter, ABS presented the A.CROSS, a minimalist and highly functional daypack for snowshoe hikers and after-work tourers in secure terrain. The new A.CROSS+ now expands the product range and makes it more versatile than ever before. At 20 liters, it has the perfect volume for various outdoor activities as well as an improved carrying system with padded shoulder and chest straps. Whether summer or winter, mountain or city, the A.CROSS+ will be your companion in all situations in the future. The combined and further developed OnePull+ shoulder-hip belt carrying system can be adjusted with just one pull, saves weight and sits comfortably on the shoulders and hips. In winter, a shovel and probe can be stored in a separate and easily accessible compartment. The combination of simple, minimalist design and the versatile range of uses makes the backpack a fully-fledged all-year-round partner - whether for hiking, for an after-work ski tour, for the way to work or for the next city trip. A backpack for every occasion.

Details :
  • Universal uses even in summer
  • Insulated bag to protect the phone and prevent battery loss due to temperature
  • Modified and weight-optimized One Pull + system with padded shoulder straps and chest strap
  • Additional compartments for glasses, keys, wallets etc.
  • Sizes: S/M, L/XL
  • Volume: 20 liters
  • Weight: S/M: 850g / L/XL: 1,000g
  • Colors: Dusk, Slate, Wine
  • RRP: €139.00