Avalanche factor - human


In most cases, an avalanche burial is not accidental. Spontaneous avalanches (without human involvement) are only responsible for just under five percent of burials. Your own behavior and the behavior of those accompanying you have a significant influence on the risk.

  • 95% of winter sports enthusiasts release their snow board themselves
  • The more participants, the higher the risk of an avalanche being triggered due to: Greater pressure on the snow cover, more tracks when descending, slower decision-making and implementation of measures, more difficult communication, riskier behavior due to a false sense of security
  • Skill also plays a big role in avoiding avalanches; good skiers are able to stick to the trail guidelines in the terrain and avoid falls in tricky passages that would put a lot of pressure on the snowpack. If you are in good condition, you can pass critical passages quickly and still at the necessary distances.
  • Even doing without can be a success - especially in mountain sports!